The Music Wheel Poster


22” in diameter grayscale image of The Music Wheel  

  • Printed boldly on 100# gloss poster paper
  • Easy to see for your entire music class
  • A replica of the original 8” The Music Wheel c2005
  • $9.50 (plus shipping & handling)

Poster 24" x 35"

Printed below The Music Wheel Poster c2005-7 image is this brief key:


The Music Wheel c2005-7 is a circle of fifths


  • Major chord triads and their relative Minor chord triads are listed vertically—Root listed at top of each triad chord.
  • Each slice displays a treble staff with overlapping Major and Minor scales.
  • These overlapping scales share identical Key signatures.
  • Slices opposite on the Wheel represent half-step progressions.
  • A Circle of Fifths moves clockwise. For instance, the “V” chord becomes a “I” chord in the next slice.