The Music Wheel

Learn to:

  • Play along with other musicians
  • Compose a song
  • Transpose from one key to another

What is The Music Wheel?

The Music Wheel is a detailed circle of fifths showing Key families of chords — the majors and their related minors (musically referred to as chord progressions).

The Music Wheel is 8" in diameter. It is printed on sturdy 18 pt Carolina stock — in full color front and back — with an aqueous coating for durability.

What is the purpose of The Music Wheel?
Its purpose is

  1. to make music fun!
  2. to make chording easy to learn for piano, guitar, mandolin, banjo, or any instrument that plays chords.
  3. to show KEY(s) with its family of chord progressions
  4. to show chord relationships between major and minor
  5. to teach composition
  6. to make KEY changes (modulation) easier
  7. to introduce a simple formula of music theory!


The circle of fifths is a musical formula that visibly displays the 12 major Keys and their related minor keys in letter names. It is the musician's quick overview of music theory in logical patterns of progression. Each Key is a building block for its neighbor Key. It is as vital to a musician as the periodic table is to a chemist. The Music Wheel is based on the circle of fifths but in much greater detail by listing the major and minor chords progressions in their root forms for each Key, and a treble staff notating the major and minor scales that pertain to each Key; further, The Music Wheel is color coded to connect Key relationships opposite one another on the wheel.