TheMusicWheel Family Game©2005-2007
The family music-discovery game for ages nine through ninety


  • six 8" full-color Music Wheels (14 pt. sturdy stock)
  • six 5"x7"game cards
  • 12 circle score-grids
  • 70 bonus music-trivia multiple-choice questions
  • caller’s card
  • game instructions & guidelines
  • Only $34.99 (Plus shipping & handling.   

The Music Wheel Family Gamec2005-2007 is designed to teach Key & chord identification in a fun & memorable manner. Based on the circle of fifths, the game teaches basic I,IV,V triad chord progressions and their minor relatives that form the basis for composition in a particular Key. The Music Wheel c2005 is an 8” round reference chart, in full-color, consisting of 12 sections plus two enharmonic sections. The Music Wheel c2005 is printed on 14 pt. sturdy Carolina stock, & color-coded. Whatever is true for one section is true for all other sections. By playing the TMW game, you will discover for yourself the secret to making music! TMW game will assist players in discovering recurring patterns in music. They will begin to see that each section adds only one new chord. Each section is built from its neighbor. The players will begin to see the mathematical logic of music. It is a game that will eventually produce “ah-haws” from the players.