The Music Wheel Classroom Game

The Music Wheel Classroom Game c2005-2007

classroom music game -- designed for grades four through twelve

  • twelve 8" full-color Music Wheels (18 pt. sturdy stock)
  • twelve 5"x7" game cards,  
  • 36 circle score grids*
  • bonus music trivia questions
  • caller’s card & game instructions
  • $45.95 (plus shipping)

The Music Wheel game c2005-2007 is designed to teach Key & chord identification in a fun & memorable way. Based on the circle of fifths, the game teaches basic I, IV, V triad chord progressions and their minor relatives that form the basis for composition in a particular Key.

Description : Played much like “Bingo,” the caller calls out, for instance, “Key of A, the I chord”; players look at The Music Wheel to identify the letters representing the “I” chord and then cover those letters on the game card. Eventually, a player(s) who has covered all the letters vertically or horizontally shouts “Music Wheel” and wins that round.

More than one way to approach the game:

The game can be played by keyboard students, (one student to a card); or, it can be teamwork--played by three instrumentalists to a card. The first objective is to cover the appropriate letters on the game card with pennies or bean markers. The second objective is to voice the harmonic tones of the triad chord that is called. (Or, the game can be played without instrumental voicing--one student per card)

How to be a winner!

The winner(s) of each round then writes the triad chord last called into the appropriate section of the circle score grid. Each time a student(s) wins, the caller chooses a bonus music trivia question to ask the winner. If the student(s) answers correctly, he/she/they can fill in an additional chord. If the student(s) answers incorrectly, the instructor (caller) can choose to assign a 10-second nursery rhyme song-and-dance to the student(s). Students can store the circle score grids in their music notebooks. Each time the game is played, the student(s) will be adding more chords.


Game goals:(a) to make learning music theory fun; (b)to familiarize students with Key & chord harmonies that form the building blocks for composition.


* circle score grids can be reproduced when needed

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