Beyond the Basics - Jazz

The Music Wheel©2005 is an expanded circle of fifths displaying

  • Key half-steps by color coordination (across the wheel from one another)
  • 12 Keys with their I, IV, and V major chord progressions and their relative minor chord progressions listed directly beneath (plus enharmonics)
  •  treble staff with overlapping major and minor diatonic scales.


When I took 6 terms of jazz piano several years ago, my jazz instructor taught me from the circle of fifths aurally; any visuals I had to develop myself.  As I practiced, I penciled page after page of ii, V, I  ninth chord progressions. I played those progressions following the circle of fifths.


The Music Wheel©2005 came into existence as a result of wanting to see how these chord progressions could be located on a wheel chart to visually show logical key and chord and scale patterns.   For me, discovering simplicity in music theory is my goal.


Piano jazz progressions commonly follow the ii, V, I pattern.   Let’s locate these using the Key of G major/E minor slice on The Music Wheel©2005.      



Voicing Piano Jazz progressions in the Key of G




End of Tutorial